Statement of Belief

It is the goal of the Watauga County Parks and Recreation Department to provide quality programming to all citizens of the community.

We believe programs should be enjoyable, fun, safe, fulfilling and rewarding.  Recreation opportunities should emphasize participation for enjoyment, self-understanding, self-discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  The primary purpose of programs is for youth and adults to reach their full potential through complete participation in recreation activities.

The Watauga County Parks and Recreation Department strives to prepare youth for adulthood and the enhancement of overall quality of life for all Watauga County Citizens.


Mission Statement

The Watauga County Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide a wide variety of quality recreation programming opportunities in the areas of arts, youth and adult athletics, special programs, special events, special populations including Special Olympics, aquatics, and summer youth camps.  The department’s mission is for these programs to be enjoyable, fun, fulfilling, safe, and rewarding for all Watauga County citizens.


Parks and Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Department was formed in 1973 and it is advised by an 18-member Parks and Recreation Commission.  These members are appointed by the Watauga County Board of Commissioners.  It is the role of the commission to guide and advise the department to provide adequate recreation opportunities for the citizens of Watauga County.