The Board Of Commissioners, a policy-making body deriving its authority pursuant to the N.C. General Statutes, levies taxes, develops a budget and directs the fiscal policy of the county under the provisions of the local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act.

The Commissioners appoint the County Manager, County Attorney, Clerk to the Board, Substitute Clerk to the Board, and make numerous appointments to county and public corporation boards, commissions, and committees. The Commissioners also confirm the appointment of the Tax Administrator.

The Commissioners have the power to adopt ordinances, as well as to serve as the Board of Equalization and Review in hearing property tax assessment appeals. The five Board members, each nominated from a separate district, are elected County-wide on a partisan basis for two and four-year staggered terms. Every two years three of the five commission seats are up for election with the lowest vote getter serving a two-year term and the remaining two Commissioners serving four-year terms.

The Board meets two times a month (the first Tuesday and third Tuesday at 5:30 P.M.) in the Commissioners' Board Room of the Watauga County Administration Building located at 814 West King Street, Boone, North Carolina. The chairman and vice-chairman are annually selected by the other Commissioners at the first regular meeting December. The Board of Commissioners has the authority to set up committees and appoint Board members to those committees, as well as to appoint liaisons between the Board and other boards and commissions.

Watauga County has operated under a County Manager form of government since 1977.

Correspondence for the Board of Commissioners may be directed to the County Manager's Office:

814 West King Street, Suite 205
Boone, North Carolina 28607
Telephone: (828) 265-8000

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