The Watauga County Board of Commissioners attended a special meeting on Monday, September 22, 2008, in the Helen Powers South Room at Broyhill Inn, ASU, Boone, NC. Those present were: Chairman Deal, Commissioner Cooper, Commissioner Kinsey, Commissioner Moretz, County Manager Nelson, Deputy County Manager Geouque, Clerk to the Board Fogle, and Planning Director Furman. Others present were as follows: 
  • Seven Devils: Mayor Pro Tem Richard DeMott, and Council Member Kathy Copley
  • Blowing Rock: Town Manager Scott Hildebran; Mayor J. B. Lawrence; Council Members Keith Tester, Tommy Klutz, Barbara Ball, Albert Yount and Phil Pickett; Town Clerk Sharon Greene; Police Chief Eric Brown; Town Engineer Doug Chapman; Human Resources Director Erica Cline; Emergency Services Director Kent Graham; Public Works Director Johnny K. Lentz; and Planning Director Kevin Rothrock
  • Appalachian State University: Mr. Greg Lovins; and Dr. Lorin Baumhover
  • Town of Boone: Mayor Loretta Clawson; Mayor Pro Tem Lynne Mason; Council Members Janet Pepin, Rennie Brantz, Stephen Phillips and Liz Aycock; Town Manager Greg Young; Town Attorney Sam Furgiuele; Public Utilities Director Rick Miller; Police Chief Bill Post; Fire Chief Reggie Hassler; and Town Clerk Freida Van Allen
  • High Country Council of Governments: Phil Trew
The joint meeting was called to order at 5:11 P.M.
            Greg Lovins, Interim Vice-Chairman for Business Affairs, ASU, welcomed everyone and called for introductions.
Presentation of Power-Point – Boone’s Water Needs
            Mr. Rennie Brantz, Town of Boone Councilman, presented a Power Point presentation detailing Boone’s water needs and their ongoing project for an intake facility at the New River. Discussion followed on water needs for the various entities present.
Update on ASU Capital Projects
            Chairman Deal, speaking as a member of ASU’s Board of Trustees, updated the group on ASU’s housing problems, stating that there was not enough campus housing this year for the amount of students registered to attend.
            Mr. Lovins presented a Power Point presentation on the ASU’s Water Interconnection and Master Planning Process which updated the group on ASU’s Capital Projects. The College of Education had a projected completion date of the fall of 2010 or spring of 2011; Cannon Residence Hall was completed in August 2008; Frank Hall was to be finished by August 2009; Cone Hall in 2010; and the first phase of the Dining Hall on Rivers Street was to be completed by December 2008 with the second phase completed by December 2009. Other Capital Projects included Steam Plant replacements, and Athletic Facilities. The Lawrence Group has planned a workshop October 20-21, 2008, for the Town of Boone and ASU to work together to discuss ASU’s Master Plan 2020.
Discussion of Economic Impact Study
            Mr. Mike McKee with ASU’s Economics Department, presented ASU’s Economic and Tax Revenue Impact Study through a Power Point presentation which detailed the impact of the growth of the University to the County and Towns.
Discussion on How to Best Handle Intergovernmental Disputes Diplomatically
            Mr. Stephen Phillips, Boone Town Council, stated that he had requested the topic be discussed due to events that had taken place since he had been in office.
            Chairman Deal stated that he agreed that discussion was needed to decide how to “agree to disagree.”
            Mr. Phillips suggested keeping communications open and Chairman Deal suggested letting other parties know of potential problems and/or changes prior to their happening.
Discussion of Future Facilitation and Coordination of Intergovernmental Retreats
            Mr. Scott Hildebran, Blowing Rock Town Manager, stated that he had contacted the High Country Council of Governments about possibly facilitating and coordinating future Intergovernmental Retreats.
            Mr. Phil Trew, who would be the primary contact at High Country Council of Governments, stated that since the County and Towns were already members of the High Country Council of Governments there would be no charge for their services and it would be up to the group as to the roll HCCOG would play.
            After discussion, and by consensus, the group agreed to use the High Country Council of Governments to lead discussions for future Intergovernmental Retreats and to meet with the County and Town Managers and an ASU representative to decide when Retreats were needed.
            The meeting was adjourned at 6:52 P.M.
Jim Deal, Chairman
Anita J. Fogle, Clerk to the Board